Trump saw a lot of fearful, angry people and thought, "Wow, we could change the country with that."

I look out and see a lot of decent, loving people and think,
"Wow, we could change the world with that."

Game on.

America is in a broken state today, but what has been broken can be repaired. That is true in our personal lives and it is true in the life of our country. But only where there is deep and real and honest taking stock of what is happening, can what is happening be fundamentally changed.

"Deep and real and honest" are not words we always associate with American politics, and until that changes then as a country we will not emerge from the time of crisis we are living through. We need a new political conversation now and a new kind of political leadership. To lead this process, we need a political visionary more than we need a political mechanic.  

American politics today is disconnected from the heart. Our economic system is disconnected from the heart. Our criminal justice system is disconnected from the heart. Our educational system is disconnected from the heart. Our national security agenda is disconnected from the heart. And where there is no heart, there is no wisdom.

Wisdom is not a less sophisticated, but rather a more sophisticated guide to the future. What is connected to the heart – to “the angels of our better nature” - leads to harmony and peace, while what is disconnected from the heart leads to suffering and conflict. We are not today a nation of peace, but rather a nation where tension, anxiety and depression run rampant among many millions of our citizens. Nor are we a true leader of peace around the world. Until America looks at the true nature of our current reality, we will not change. And we will not thrive.

Where millions of American children live in chronic trauma, we must save them. Where our economic system runs roughshod over the majority our citizens, we must change that. And where America has swerved from leading with our democratic and humanitarian values around the world, we must remember and return to who we really are. Politics should not be a pursuit disconnected from the deeper meaning of life; it should be, as everything should be, an expression of our higher selves. Where fear has been harnessed for political purposes, let us now harness the power of love.

It is time to let go of an old and tired political conversation and forge a new, whole-person, heart-centered political dynamic. I hope you will join me in this evolutionary effort. It is time to create an entirely new phase of America's story; one in which we repair what needs to be repaired, pull ourselves up from the mire into which in too many ways we have descended, and forge a better future for ourselves and those we love.


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